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Holga Micro 110 Lomo Compact Camera

– Lens: f/8 25mm
– Focus: Fixed, 1m to infinity
– Shutter: mechanical, 1/125 sec
– 12-shot or 24-shot cartridge Film
– The fixed focus lies from 1 m to infinity
– Film 110 cartridge film, ISO 100/200/400
– Holga Micro 110 is very small, ultra light weight
and uses a 110 film
– The rectangular frame, viewfinder that sits on the
top of the camera can be raised up just to give you
a rough picture of what your shot would look like

Please contact me for 110 film supply

Bulk discounts available

2 reviews for Holga Micro 110 Lomo Compact Camera

  1. Ashley Black

    Great camera and fast delivery. Took only 9 days to arrive here.

  2. Elizabeth T

    Purchased it to my little nephew. She loved it so much. Cute red little camera

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